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Yasser Khazaal is member of the board of Addiction medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Lausanne University Hospital He was associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Geneva, Faculty of medicine. He is associate researcher at the Research Center, Montreal University Institute of Mental Health, Montreal, Canada. He is vice-president of the Swiss Society of Social Psychiatry, president of the Swiss Society of Cognitive Psychotherapy, member of the launching board of the European Society of Social Psychiatry (ESSP)  and Secretary General of the ESSP. He is involved in a number of studies related to addictive disorders, cognitive and behavioral treatments, e-mental health as well as in projects related to the the development and assessment of games or computer-based treatments for different mental health disorders. He is also interested in the promotion of new models of patient care aiming to promote empowerment and recovery. Video in French: Orcid: Google scholar : Pubmed: Scopus: Research Gate Linkedin

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